pokies onlineIt’s not a secret that many gamblers would die for answering how to know when a pokie machine will pay out. Although it is impossible to know for sure when any pokie is paying off, there are still a few approaches to this matter. And we are sharing them with you. Why? Because the more happy people out there the better is the world in general.

How to trick a pokie machine in Australia and whether it is possible

You might have seen some Hollywood films, where unremarkable dudes win big by cheating the casino. They count cards in card games, they wait closer to pokies in the hall to win after a long sequence of unsuccessful attempts to win (after the previous player has left) and do other things. But most often, if they’re not robbing it directly, they trick casinos, working together in a group of several people using a system of signals and special equipment that would bring them high chances to win.


If that all is fully or partially true in movies, then modern pokies cannot be hacked, cheated, or erred – especially if we’re talking here about online best pokie machine to play. And if you want to trick casino, in real life, you can get really, really hurt (and jailed).

All online and offline slot machines work on the system of random number generator, so you never know what is How to trick a pokie machinegoing to be on your screen and when or if a winning combination occurs.

They, however, are pre-programmed to have such an indicator as Return To Player or RTP rate. This means how much money is returned to a player by the slot machine. In online options, the RTP is usually something like 90%-99%. In offline ones, it is lower – about 75%-80%. The difference is because of the need for the physical maintenance of offline pokies and the need for the personal presence of people and arranging a comfortable gaming climate to play there, which all increase expenses that need to be covered by the casino.

Practical tips to increase your winning chance

So read this pokie machine tips list and remember everything:

  • Pick the best pokie machine to win on, which has a high RTP rate. Ideally, close to 98%-99%. Anything below 95% should not be of your interest. If you’re not winning big then, at least, you are mainly saving what you have. But remember that no pokie online gives more than 100% of RTP, that would be the house disadvantage.
  • Mind the volatility: it is the variance of winning – some machines tend to give small winning sums but frequent, whilst others allow you to win big but rarely. The second option is more preferable for those who want to win a lot, as large jackpots are the more often case but they are also more dangerous because a player can be left without any winning at all during a really long sequence of games, which cause the depletion of his pocket. So, pick first or second depending on your goals.
  • Pick the progressive jackpot slots with known sums of payouts. It is not easy to find a slot with a progressive jackpot that would inform on the amount or range of the winning. There are such – but their jackpots are significantly smaller than the ones, which do not inform. Thus, the difference is something like 1 thousand dollars to 1 million dollars. And once you find such, wait until the range of the progressive jackpot is reached (for instance, it can be said that it is paid out between 600 and 1300 bucks). So play max after 600 and this will give you an increased chance of winning.
  • When you’re going offline – it is advisable to come to a bar or restaurant with such machines and make friends with the bartender. He is the right person to know:
    • when the coin hopper was emptied the last time (if it is not emptied by staff and accumulated to the max, then there are high chances of dropping off all coins soon to some gambler)
    • if someone played the machine lately without getting large wins. Statistically, after the long sequence of unsuccessful games, there should be the winning one. However, the statistic is off the hook should you not win – as only pure luck is to blame (as any next game is statistically unrelated with any previous one – and you know, even in the ‘heads or tails’ game, there may be 100 heads in a row). However, the statistic is also to thank should you win large.